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How Colors Change

Spent the day today up at a client (who happens to be a winery) in The Napa Valley. We were reviewing various floor finishes and stain colors when I got a glimpse of the story board (thats a board that we put together for many residential jobs and all commercial projects. As the name implies it tells the story about the visual of the finished project. Most often times its necessary when there are many folks involved in a decision so they can all look and discuss, argue or somehow ultimately agree). Anyhow when I looked at the paint samples I noticed that the colors had changed since we first proposed them a few months ago. Not dramatically but in relation to the soft goods (carpets and fabrics) there was a noticeable difference in tone. The time of day was basically the same as when I proposed them so it wasn't morning light or evening sun........oh yes, its the time of year. Since we are now in Autumn the angle of the sun greatly affects the shades of color and the tone. So next time you absolutely love a color, remember "How Colors Change" with the change of matter where you live.

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