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Decorative Finishes:   It's not simply about furnishings and fabrics, rather finishes and color.  Foundation in Finishes is a process that begins with the walls and ceilings of a room and insures that the finish, color and texture of those surfaces match your home, your room, and your style.  Black and White or Grey is cool and trendy but can be really boring after waking up to it for a few months.

Shirley founded Robinson Finishes in 1994 to add color and life to boring walls, ceilings and floors. Her artisans have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects throughout Europe and in the United States.  If you are interested in seeing what color can do you for your design project or existing interiors please contact us utilizing the form below.  


Interior Design: Creating beautiful living spaces requires a process that provides insight into the purpose, form and function you desire.  Linking her various endeavors is one connecting thread: “Color for me is everything,” she says. “It is my inspiration and the basis of a good design.”

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